There are five irrigation corporations listed in Schedule 1 of the Water Management Act 2000:

In NSW, irrigation corporations are private companies holding bulk water entitlements on behalf of their shareholders. Together, the five corporations represent thousands of individual water users who have contractual arrangements with their respective corporation for water delivery. Bulk access licences issued to the five corporations represent some 3,555 gigalitres of water entitlements, which is about 70 per cent of the share of regulated river resource held in New South Wales.

For historical information on these corporations, see History of irrigation corporations in NSW.

Licences and approvals

Each irrigation corporation holds a number of water access licences which define their water share entitlement. These licences are under various categories and cover several water sources. For more information see Irrigation corporations - information on water access licences.

Each irrigation corporation has also been issued with a combined water supply work and water use approval for the extraction under licence from a regulated river or groundwater source. The combined approvals are listed below:

Area of operations

Each irrigation corporation is issued with an operating licence under section 123 of the Water Management Act 2000. The operating licence permits the holder (the corporation) to carry out the business of supply of water and exercise the functions delegated to it under the Water Management Act. Importantly, it also requires the corporation to hold a licence under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

For information on corporate licences or to report an incident, please call 1800 353 104.

One of the approval management functions of the Office of Water is to ensure that, in relation to the water use approval, the 'area of operations' within which the corporation may exercise certain powers conferred through Schedule 1 of Water management Act is accurately described.

In accordance with clauses 42 and 44 of the Water Management (General) Regulation 2011, a landowner and an irrigation corporation may submit a joint application to include land into or exclude land from that corporation's area of operations. For more information on the application process, download an application form and guide:

Annual compliance reports

Irrigation corporations are required to report to the NSW Office of Water by 31 October each year on their compliance with the conditions of their licences and approvals. The most recent reports may be viewed from the links below.