Application form: Consolidating a water access licence

A new water access licence can be created by joining two or more licences together. To do this, however, the licences must have the same category, be in the same zone or water source and have the same nominated works. If the works are not the same, an application to change these is also needed – see Changing a water access licence.

Note that Land and Property Information will not register a consolidation dealing where the water access licences to be consolidated are held by the same holders but in different tenancies.

You may want to consolidate two or more water access licences into one as a result of:

To combine the licences they have to be of the same category or subcategory, in the same zone or water source and have the same nominated works.

Details on the process for this dealing are provided in the section on The dealings process and in the guide provided with the application form. If you have any questions, contact your local office.

Aspects to consider

Water access licences can only be consolidated if the holders and the tenancy arrangements between those holders are the same.

Where holders or tenancy differ, the holders will first need to change the tenancy arrangement with Land and Property Information to ensure there are similar tenancy arrangements before the application to consolidate water access licences can be accepted by the NSW Office of Water.

Applicants wanting to consolidate water access licences that are held by two or more holders therefore need to first check that the tenancy arrangements are the same before lodging an application. This check can be done by an online search on the Water Access Licence Register.