Interstate tagging a NSW water access licence to an interstate extraction point

New South Wales water access licences can be used to take (e.g. to extract) water interstate through a mechanism known as tagging. The water access licence remains registered in NSW and is subject to the licence conditions imposed by NSW, even though the water access licence is 'tagged' (or linked) to an extraction point in another state. However, you will need to hold a current right to take water issued by the governing body in the state where the water is to be taken.

Application form:

Use the NSW Water Register to search for NSW water access licences tagged to interstate extraction points.

Interstate tagging a NSW approval to an interstate entitlement

To 'tag' an interstate entitlement into NSW you will need to hold a current NSW water supply work approval or combined work and use approval.

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Factors to consider

Not all water access licences or NSW work approvals can be tagged interstate. Typically, tagging is only available to and from the regulated NSW Murray River and the regulated Murrumbidgee River (with Victoria and South Australia).

To discuss the procedures for undertaking an interstate tagging, contact a water regulation officer in the Murrumbidgee or Murray Valleys.