LPI application form: Term transfer form W-07TT

Term transfers are undertaken in accordance with Section 71N of the Water Management 2000.

A water access licence holder may transfer their water access licence to someone else for a set period of time (not less than six months). This is called a 'term transfer' and is similar to a property rental agreement – the holder of the licence does not change. However, during the period of the term transfer, the transferee is responsible for the water taken, payment of fees and charges and compliance with the terms and conditions of the licence.

This does not require an application to the NSW Office of Water: the term transfer just has to be registered by Land and Property Information (LPI) once the agreement is complete.

A term transfer does not, by itself, allow water to be taken at a different location. If the licence is to be used at a new location within the water source or extracted by different works, you will need to also apply to change the zone and/or nominated work on the licence. Go to Changing a water access licence for more information.

Do I need consent from other people?

To register a term transfer of a whole licence at LPI, the written consent of all holders of the licence and all registered security interests in the licence is required. Security interests may include mortgages and company charges held by a bank or other lending institution.

To register a term transfer relating to just a holding in the licence (rather than the whole licence), only the consent of the co-holders and registered security interests in that particular holding is required. The term transfer of a holding is most likely to arise where a water access licence is used to supply a number of separate properties in a joint water supply scheme.